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Attention all website owners! 8 Amazingly Simple Ways To Get Your Website To Work Harder, Make You More Money – On a Consistent Basis, without costing you more money than you are currently spending on advertising right now!!

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About us:

Seductive Marketing is an arm of The Jedidiah Consults (UK) Ltd and was founded by Chu Donald Obii a stealth Internet/Online affiliate marketer & direct response copywriter who has been making a living on the Internet since 2006.

As our slogan states, (“When You Absolutely have to Generate More Sales Online… Fast!”)

Seductive Marketing was established in order to assist entrepreneurs and online businesses to WIN in the online business environment quickly, consistently and cost effectively.

We create simple marketing strategies helping your business establish multiple channels of communication to your ideal prospects.

By working co-operatively with experts in the fields of Web design, Pay Per Click (PPC), Copywriting & Marketing strategies, Joint Venturing, Publicity, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing – we have ensured you have all the tools and marketing ammunition you need to dominate your market.