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Email/Autoresponder Copywriting Services:

“How to build Warm lasting relationships with your clients Turn them to raving fans - who find it impossible to say NO to you whenever you ask them to buy your stuff (this is how the BIG money is made online)”
Savvy businesspeople know that the best way to build a solid ‘long-term’ business (online or offline) is to establish lasting relationships with your clients and email subscribers.

As a businessperson one of the smartest moves you can engage in to ensure the consistent success and profitability of your business, is to build an email database of your best customers and prospects, then create a system to follow-up with them on a consistent bases. Building your database is the starting point, communicating the right message to your email subscribers is where most businesspeople get it wrong – they suddenly start seeing a huge attrition rate with many of their subscriber opting out of their lists. Many clients have told me that this causes them great emotional stress, and makes them almost give up on email marketing entirely believing it will never work for them…

People Opt-out of anything (email, a sale, a mailing list etc) for 1 reason only…

Email subscribers are simple to deal with – if you understand how they think. The only reason an subscriber, subscribes in the first place is because they were expecting to get something of value by being a subscriber to your list.

Give you email subscriber valuable information consistently and they will remain on your list for as long as you want them to.

Creating Value Through Email Good email communication needs to be consistent, interesting, and informative and at the same time sell your products and services to your customers – it’s a WIN-WIN, your customers WIN and you WIN…

Email/Autoresponder Copywriting Services

Our email/autoresponder copywriting service takes care of this part of your business – helping you foster a rich relationship with your client using the internet and totally automating process with no stress to you at all.

Trained By The Best In The Business

We were aware of the great demand for email autoresponder copywriting before we got into the market. However, unlike many copywriters or may I say opportunistic entrepreneurs; we didn’t just jump into the business ‘cast our nets’ and start offering a service we knew very little about.

No way… instead, we chose to get trained by the best in the business before taking the deep, because we want to offer our clients the best service possible – we want you to expect results from the email copy we create for you. We monitor to see that you are making sales and building warm relationships with your email subscribers, and they are turning into paying customers.

Our email copywriter was been trained by Jay White. Jay, was labelled by world-renowned Internet marketing guru, Alex Mandossian as “The Best Autoresponder copywriter” he’s ever seen. For Alex Mandossian to say that…Jay White should arguably be the best professional autoresponder copywriter in the world.

Here’s Alex Mandossian’s testimonial for Jay: (see

"If you're marketing online, I encourage you to RUN (don't walk) and hire Jay as your copywriter of choice for any autoresponder sequence you need now, or in the future. That's exactly what I did over a year ago and my prospects have been converting to customers ever since."

Alex Mandossian

Traffic Conversion Strategies and Founder of (
Frankly, this is Not for Everyone…!

Honestly, email marketing is not for everyone – our service is only for serious entrepreneurs who are clear about what they want to achieve with their email (autoresponder) marketing.

That said… if you are serious and want to revitalise your email autoresponder messages to your customers, boost your sales or your email open and click rate, then we can help.

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