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Attention all website owners! 8 Amazingly Simple Ways To Get Your Website To Work Harder, Make You More Money – On a Consistent Basis, without costing you more money than you are currently spending on advertising right now!!

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Product Launch Campaign Management:

Create An Instant Surge In Sales With Proven Product Launch Strategies
Does your business run in cycles?

Sometimes you have huge boom in sales, and then a steep drop off in sales follow. Sales droughts can be so bad that most businesses never actually recover and it spells the end of the business (bankruptcy).

More especially in these time of economic slow-down more business (both big and small) would experience ‘heart’ wrenching drop in sales, even worse zero (zilch, zip) sales in some really bad months.
However …

“It must not be that way”

Running a product launch is an effective tactic savvy marketers adopt to combat dwindling sales figures, and instantly solve any cashflow problems they may have.

A Massive Sales Surge…!!

A product launch campaign integrates several proven marketing strategies targeted at a carefully defined market with the sole aim of generating a massive sales surge within a relatively short period.

A product launch can last just a couple of hours or up to 3 weeks at most (very few launches ever exceed 3 weeks). Some launches have been known to generate as much as $10,000,000 (i.e. £6,500,000 approx) in just one day – some have done more and many do less.

Is your business suitable for a product launch campaign??

Product launches are best suited for product driven businesses that have the resources and ability to fulfil a flood orders within a short period. However, service oriented businesses have run product launch campaign with huge success. For example: Mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, accountants, dentistries, web designers, acupuncturist and many more service businesses have been successful with product launches.

If you need an instant sales surge and want to discover if you offer (product/service), has the potential to succeed with a product launch, then please fill in the boxes below:

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