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Attention all website owners! 8 Amazingly Simple Ways To Get Your Website To Work Harder, Make You More Money – On a Consistent Basis, without costing you more money than you are currently spending on advertising right now!!

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“Here’s How To Own A Website That ‘Really’ Works”
“I don’t just want a website, I want a website that works for my business!!” Savvy Business Owner

“How much do you charge for your website design services??”
Everyone Else

The two comments above are the most common responses we get from our website design customers. The first comment is rarely asked, however whenever we get that comment, its always thrown at us by successful business owners who understand that just having a site/blog on the web is not the most important goal, but building a successful website which helps them generate sales and leads on a consistent basis.

However, the 2nd comment is the most common with the focus solely on cost, and little or no consideration to the quality of the service rendered.

After considering these two comments and the thought processes behind them, it becomes less surprising the statistic, which states:  

95% of all online businesses never make a penny on the internet.”

The 3 Key components to A successful website Design are:

  • Clear purposeful design
  • Use of colour schemes that matches the niche your business is serving
  • Ease of use, navigation and swift load speed

Clear Purposeful Design – Many websites are a nightmare to visit with too many unrelated things going on at the same time – health and fitness equipment here, car sales banners there. This sort of setup makes web visitors uncomfortable and quick to click the ‘X’ and never return to your site again.


Use of emotional colours – Did you know that bright blue and white colours work best for websites in the health and wellness niche?

Did you know that by changing the colour of the headline on your salespage to RED can boost your conversion rate (ratio of visitors to sales) by as much as 33% (without changing anything else)??The emotional colour tone of your website is crucial to the success of the website, but it’s one of the most overlooked components, and should be attended to by skilled professionals who understand the psychology of colours – how they affect the way we feel, act and BUY.

How many steps do your web visitors have to take before they access the information they want?

Does your website load speedily (in 0.03 seconds or less)?

The load time, navigation and functionality of your site is of extreme importance. Web visitors are notorious for their short attention spans and zero tolerance to delay – when they click a button they expect the page to load instantly.


When they buy online, they expect the product or service delivered NOW, by download, streaming media etc or by next day delivery, at the latest.

If you simply discover and eliminate anything that might interrupt or delay your web visitors browsing experience, you will instantly improve the length of time they spend on your site and subsequently make them more prone to buying from you and coming back for more.

To Become The Proud Owner Of A Website that Ticks all 3 boxes mentioned above, delivers on look, feel, functionality and yet Unusually Affordable (Prices starting at just £500), then follow the instructions below…

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